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Dr. Cynthia Menke, DVM


Dr. Menke started her career working with animals at an early age, growing up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin. While her “official” duties may have been feeding the cows and helping with milking, her favorite job was always taking care of the many barn cats that always made the family farm their home.

She started veterinary school training at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. After getting married to her husband Dave, who was in the Air Force at the time, they moved out to North Carolina. There she finished her degree at North Carolina State University in 2002.

She practiced for a year in North Carolina before moving back to the Midwest. She continued her medical career at a small animal hospital in Wilmette, Illinois where she was on staff for 17 years, eventually becoming the Chief of Staff.

Ever since her early days on the dairy farm, her passion has been feline medicine. While she does love her adorable canine friends, the special bond she has developed with her feline patients, the unique way in which they communicate their needs and concerns, and often the special way in which those needs are best addressed, has driven her to try and rise to the challenge that cats provide. In her former practice she was proud to be the person the other doctors would turn to when cats with more challenging medical problems would come in.

She has a special interest in abdominal ultrasound, dentistry, senior wellness, and helping owners maintain an enriched indoor environment for their feline family members.

Outside of work, she enjoys being outdoors. Whether gardening, going for a bike ride or hiking, just seeing sunshine and blue skies make her happy. Dave, her two cats, Spencer and Chewie, and Dr. Menke are all looking forward to their new adventure in Arizona.

Dr. Cindy Menke, DVM

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