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Our Practice

Scottsdale Cat Clinic opened in 2007. We wanted to establish a place where cats and their owners felt comfortable and where they could receive the best possible veterinary care. As we continue to serve the greater Phoenix area, we believe we have met and continue to improve on that goal.

Cat Friendly Practice - Feline Only ClinicAmerican Association of Feline PractitionersAAHA Accredited

Right from the start, we focused on high-quality medicine specific for cats. With a quiet and comforting environment, our patients benefit from the lack of stress and the sense of ease as they interact with staff who prove to each cat that they can be trusted.

We have reached the high level of medical excellence required to become certified by the American Animal Hospital Association in 2008 and, in 2012, we achieved Gold Certification as a Cat-Friendly Practice through the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Our staff–family relationships are strong and we frequently hear how appreciative clients are that our team goes beyond just knowing veterinary medicine to knowing each individual cat and his or her family. We know each of our patients, and when you are here, you have our undivided attention.

We make it a point to take the time to explain all aspects of the care we are providing to our client's pets, and we make sure they understand the tests, results, and treatments for any condition their cats are facing.

We hope you will entrust us with the care of your cat, and we welcome your questions.

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Scottsdale Cat Clinic